FORCE Technology has the national reference laboratory for Flow, liquids other than water.

The laboratory offers accredited calibration of volume and mass flow meters, reference devices for calibration of flow meters, etc.

The laboratory has a number of references, including a piston prover, balances and volume normal.
Measuring the flow of liquids in other than water, also includes the measurement of oil, gasoline, liquefied petroleum gas and related products, typically within the energy sector as well as measurement of fluids in other industries, especially the chemical industry, medical industry and food industry

Typically liquids other than water distinguished by the fact that they are more expensive than water therefore they are often desired measured with greater accuracy. It is not just for the cost reasons to the industry that the Danish government and consumers wants better measurement accuracy, it is also a desire for resource optimization and environment reasons which plays a great part.

Measurement and calibration of liquids other than water depends on the type of liquid which are used and the wish about accuracy.

Generally the liquids other than water are measured as a volume or a mass in which the measurement is either by turbine meters, displacement meters, mass flow meters ect.

In the lower part of the flow zone of liquids other than water, there has been a good development by means that today in this area there are many types of different meters.
If good accuracy is wished for the calibration of meters in the lower part of the flow zone, traceability is performed directly to mass and density. Especially the chemical industry, medical industry and food industry has a good advantage of this kind of calibrations.

In the area of legal metrology, the use of liquids other than water is regulated by the Safety Authority’s No. 1038 of 17/10/2006. The regulation includes meters for measurement of quantities of liquids other than water (with some exceptions) where payment is done due to the result of the measurement.


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