FORCE Technology is the National Reference Laboratory for Gasflow. The laboratory offers accredited calibration of volume gas meters and flow meters for e.g. accounting natural gas or for use in the process industry and other industries, where measuring of gasflow is needed.

The laboratory offers calibration of flow meters on different calibration facilities depending of the size of the flow meter. The laboratory covers a flow area from 1 ml/min. to 10000 m3/h with air as medium. Further more the laboratory offers calibrations with natural gas as medium in the area from 8 to 10.000 m3/h and at a statistical pressure from 1 to 50 bara.

The laboratory was appointed as a National Reference Laboratory for gasflow in 1988, and participates in international comparison calibrations for sustaining the accuracy of measuring. The laboratory is traceable to the highest levels in Europe and within high pressure it is traceable to the European gas cubic Meter.

In general the gas is measured as a volume by reference meters which are turbine meters and displacement meters . When certifying density the volume can be converted into mass.

The laboratory carries out type approvals of gas meters regarding Danish announcement No. 436 of 16/05/2006 regarding introduction of The Measurement Instrument Directive – called MID.


Jesper Busk

FORCE Technology
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DK 6600 Vejen
Phone: +45 7696 1620
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