Microflow is a commonly used designation for small flowrates. In this context it is defined as the flow range 1-1000 µl/s which is the same as 3.6-3600 ml/h. These very low flowrates are found in different applications:

  • Chromatographic measurements with HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
  • Critical drug delivery for patients, e.g. morphine, chemotherapy, etc.
  • Drug discovery, when small volumes are mixed for effect testing.

The traceability in the whole healthcare value chain is important for repeatable results within research and development, measurement and patient treatment. When it comes to a patient’s health, a trustworthy traceability is of the utmost importance.

The microflow laboratory – with traceable references to mass, volume and time – measures flow in the entire microflow range. Actually, the laboratory’s measurement range is 1-6000 ml/h. In 2010 Danish Technological Institute achieved accreditation for microflow calibration and is proud to be the first in Europe to achieve this status. The measurement uncertainty for the microflow test rig is as low as 0.05%, which is very low for fluid flow measurement.

The laboratory does not only perform calibration of flow sensors and pumps, but it is also an attractive partner in connection with type testing and product development – see more.

For further information we refer to our homepage. As the other Danish metrology laboratories, the micro-flow laboratory is accredited by DANAK.


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