Measuring of flow of liquids other than water

Measuring systems for liquids other than water

The quantitative measurement of liquids other than water and the gaseous gas in portions are regulated by the Safety Authority’s executive order No. 1038 of 17 October 2006 with subsequent change in order No 817 of 28 July 2008.

The Danish Metrology has released a guide to the executive order No. 1038 in shape of a metrological Directive MDIR 02.46-04.

This executive order includes measurement systems (not meters only), and the entire measurement system must be approved.

Regardless of construction principle the executive order includes meters in measurement systems.

  • For continuously operating measurement systems the approval are subject to rules under EU.
  • The not acting continuous measurement systems and calibration of gas in gaseous portions are approved in accordance with national Danish rules.

The executive order does not apply to measurement systems for dispensing of beverages in restaurants, etc.

The executive order includes:

  • Equipment Suppliers
  • Instrument Owners
  • Consumers
  • Notified Bodies
  • Authorized laboratories

According to the Directive Measuring Instruments (MID) the executive order establish terms for the approval of measurement systems. The Measuring systems may be approved in accordance with methods B + D B + F, G or H1 in the directive.

  • The executive order establishes requirements for the owner of the instrument to make a chose of the class of accuracy.
  • The executive order establishes terms for meters/measurement systems that are not incorporate by the MID.
  • The executive order establishes terms for reverification meters / measurement systems.
  • The executive order contains transitional provisions for metering / measurement systems, approved under former EEC or national regulations.

The following normative documents, ensures that the meter meets the specific instrument requirements of the MID:

  • OIML R117: 1995
  • OIML D11: 2004
  • OIML R117: 1995 referring to the EU-tidende Journal C269, of 4 nov.2006, this is not a completed normative document


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