Measuring consumption of gaseous gas

Measuring of gaseous gas is regulated by The Danish Safety Technology Authority’s executive order no. 1037 of 17th October 2006 amended by an executive order no. 816 of 28th July 2008.

Danish Metrology has issued a guideline in the form of a Metrological Directive no. MDIR 03.01-01 to the executive order.
The executive order covers any meter regardless the principle of construction.

The executive order has different regulations for measuring instruments which are applied in households, in businesses and in light industry, and which are applied other places. The boundary applies to consumption greater than 100,000 normal cubic meters per year and as a general rule is supplied via a pressure compensated meter.

The executive order requires that the measuring instruments shall be equipped with a display showing the measurement results which forms the basis for settling of the account.

The executive order covers:

  • Suppliers of equipment
  • Utilities, including allocation companies such as residential companies
  • Repair men
  • Gas consumers
  • Notified bodies
  • Authorized laboratories
  • Accredited laboratories

The executive order draws up the conditions for approval of meters referring to the Measuring Instruments Directive (MID). Gas meters and volume conversion devices may be approved according to the procedures B+D, B+F or H1 in the directive.

The executive order draws up conditions for meters not covered by MID.
The executive order draws up conditions for reverification of meters.
The executive order contains transitional conditions for meters which have an approval according to former EC regulations or national regulations.

The following harmonized standards ensures that the meter fulfils the essential and instrument specific requirements in MID:

  • EN 1359:1998/A1:2006 Gas meters – Diaphragm meters
  • EN 12261:2002/A1:2006 Gas meters – Turbine gas meters
  • EN 12405-1:2005/A1:2006 Gas meters – Conversion devices – Part 1: Volume conversion
  • EN 12480:2002/A 1:2006 Gas meters – Rotary displacement gas meters


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