To ensure that Flow Centre Denmark is among the best international metrology centers, it is imperative that Flow Center Denmark participates in both national and international research projects.

The research activities in Flow Centre Denmark are supported through performance contracts between the “Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation” and the two participating institutes. In the time period 2007-2009, the activities concerned flare gas measurement, alternative fuels (hydrogen, CNG, LNG, etc.), in situ calibration of fluid meters for water and other fluids than water, as well as further development of LDV measurement methods in transparent fluids and gasses.

Furthermore, the following projects were undertaken in cooperation in the years 2008 and 2009 (see also Completed Projects):
• Energy and environmental measurements of the future
• Micro Flow
• Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV)
• European gas cubic meter

The current performance contracts (time period 2010-2012) with “Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation” ensure further development of the Flow Centre and its facilities. Common projects are part of these performance contracts (see also Ongoing Projects):

• Meters for various media and installations
• Efficient on-site measurement

The common European R & D program; EMRP, makes it possible to establish development in cooperation with other leading European flow laboratories, universities, and enterprises. An important aim for Flow Centre Denmark is therefore to participate in the EMRP program as much as Denmark’s contribution allows for (for more information, please look at Ongoing Projects -> EMRP).

Moreover, both institutes have been involved in a series of EURAMET comparison projects (for more information, please look at Ongoing Projects -> EURAMET).