(Project 2008c, completed)

The climate problems and scarce energy resources in Denmark and the rest of the World, enforces big developmental challenges, which greatly affects flow and energy flow. This has led to several international research and development initiatives in the field. At the same time, Denmark has considerable industrial interest in the field of flow.

The purpose of the sub project was to investigate the international development and to explore potential tracks of development in relation to the market segment, incl. to involve these in the European research.

The sub project was therefore aimed towards:

  • Mapping, exploring, and analyze the leading international research initiatives in the field of measuring flow within energy and environment, and to hold it up against state-of-the-art.
  • Establishing a network of relevant metrology laboratories and international research environments in the field, e.g. with PTB in Germany, TUV NEL in Great Britain, and VSL in The Netherlands.
  • Construction of a strong Danish foundation in relation to flow measurements in the fields of energy and environment, and to include this in future European programs, e.g. EMRP.

The report (in Danish) can be found here.

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