(Project 2008e, completed)

Danish Technological Institute / Flow Centre Denmark has for years worked with advanced flow measurements of water and air using Laser Doppler Velocimetry (LDV). Danish Technological Institute / Flow Centre Denmark is accredited for on-site calibration of large flow meters up to DN 1000 and 17,000 m3/h, which puts us in the best league of European laboratories with respect to the utilization of the technology and its development. At the same time the supplier of our LDV equipment, the Danish company Dantec Dynamics, is one of the leading suppliers of LDV equipment.

Internationally, there is increasing interest in utilizing LDV for flow measurement in fluids and gasses. This is seen by the fact that LDV is mentioned in several of the road maps prepared in relation to the European metrology program, EMRP.

The purpose of the sub project was to:

  • Strengthen the contact to the other European metrology laboratories using LDV
  • Arrange a European LDV work shop in connection with the EURAMET annual Flow meeting in March 2009, with contribution about LDV measurements
  • Participate in initializing concrete LDV research activities within the future EMRP-program

The contribution at the EURAMET annual Flow meeting in 2009: “Applying LDV to Air and Water Measurements” can be found here.

Furthermore, utilization of LDV for determining flow profiles is actually part of one of the EMRP program grants for Flow Centre Denmark.


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