Project 2008d, completed)

Measurements of very low flow rates (micro flow) is becoming increasingly important in a series of medico technical applications, e.g. for measuring blood flow, dosing insulin, and for dialysis.

For gasses, there is a demand for measuring flow profiles in hydrogen fuel cells and for calibrating equipment for leakages, medical industry, and the electronic industry (component cooling). These are all important and significant industries in Denmark with much export.

Therefore, micro flow is a field with much relevance to the community and science. Currently, it is not possible to perform traceable measurements, but it is an area of increasing interest, both nationally as internationally. In Europe there is only a few that can measure micro flows and they are still in the initial phases.

The sub project was therefore aimed towards:

  • Specifying the need and state-of-the-art in measurement and calibration of micro flow
  • Participation in the EURAMET ERFA meetings (workshops where experience is exchanged) in micro flow together with PTB in Germany, TUV NEL in Great Britain, and LNE/CETIAT in France, which are among the best in the field
  • Establishing a small Danish pilot test facility for micro flow
  • Enabling participation in future EMRP programs
  • Preparation of a forward-looking action plan

The action plan for the field of micro flow (in Danish) can be found here.


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