Welcome to Flowcenter Danmark

“Flow Centre Denmark” is founded as a cooperation between FORCE Technology and Danish Technological Institute. Its purpose is to provide the industry, utility companies, and other with access to an unified, strong flow centre, i.e. a “centre of excellence”, fully capable of assisting and advising across different branches and industries. Flow Centre Denmark works as a bank of knowledge, internationally on par with the best.

The Flow Centre was established in 2008 with support from The danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. For the time period 2010-2012 the Flow Centre is part of the two institutes’ performance contacts with metrology. The aim is ongoing development of the current facilities and activities, complemented with international spearheads in certain fields.

Flow Centre Denmark is, in connection with the measurement technique activities, a strong sparring partner when it comes to legal metrology as well as courses and other dissemination in the field of flow.

International Perspective

The basis of Flow Centre Denmark is the metrology laboratories at FORCE Technology and Danish Technological Institute. They are designated institutes in the field of flow as well as other related areas like temperature and pressure. These metrology laboratories are part of an international metrology network via European Association of National Metrology Institutes (EURAMET). The metrology laboratories are among the best internationally with their gas and water flow facilities.

For more information about Flow Centre Denmark, see this flyer.